How to Connect a Thermo


How to Connect a Thermo

If you’ve bought a Withings Thermo, you have several options to connect it. It can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can be linked to several accounts. It can also be used with the Withings Thermo app, which can be accessed from any device.

To connect your Withings Thermo to your Wi-Fi network, open the Withings Thermo app on your device and tap Settings. You can choose to use the Wi-Fi network you’ve configured on your device or manually configure another one.

The Withings Thermo uses 16 infrared sensors to take 2,000 measurements per second, which are then sent to your Withings Thermo app automatically. You can then assign each measurement to a specific user profile, add information about the temperature, and get insights from the data.

You can also set a reminder for your Withings Thermo, so that you don’t forget to check your temperature regularly. You can also view your Timeline, which is an overview of all the measurements you’ve taken over time.

Withings Thermo is an advanced temporal thermometer with a simple design that’s easy to use. It’s also really accurate and hygienic thanks to the HotSpot Sensor(tm) technology. It’s a great addition to any kitchen.

It’s also easy to clean. It comes with a microfibre cleaning cloth and a disinfectant spray to keep it looking brand new.

Using the Withings Thermo for fever checks

To get started, press and run your Withings Thermo across your forehead. The 16 infrared sensors will measure the temperature of your skin. The temperature will then be displayed on the display of your Withings Thermo.

The display of your Withings Thermo will vibrate at the end of the measurement, and you can assign that result to a user profile. Once you have assigned a measurement, slide the touch sensitive area of your Withings Thermo from bottom to top to go back in time and see the history of your measurements.

Understanding the fever status LED

The color of the fever status LED indicates at a glance whether or not you have a fever. It also shows the severity of the fever.

If you’re not sure, you can ask a health professional for a diagnosis. The doctor will determine the cause of the fever and prescribe the right medicine.

You can set a timer to record a temperature reading for up to 60 minutes. The Withings Thermo will then vibrate at the end of the timer to indicate that it’s finished.

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